Berlin Speaking Seminars

Want to become a better speaker? Great! We all know, though: theory alone won’t get us far.
Growth requires action.
Growth requires experience.
Growth requires work.

Berlin Speaking seminars are designed to boost your organisation’s public speaking and presentations skills in an interactive environment, combining theory and practice for maximum impact. Pick and choose from the topics listed below to put together the desired seminar for your team.

Berlin Speaking seminars can be held in English or German.

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Bring technical concepts to life

Technical presentations have the tendency to be very… technical. Technically speaking, that can make it difficult for your audience to follow and remember what you have to share!

Being able to break down complex concepts and deliver them to a non-expert audience is one of the biggest challenges faced by many presenters today. But there’s a solution!

Any topic can be presented in an exciting and comprehensible manner, tailored to your specific audience. Any theory, no matter how niche, can be brought to life.

This Berlin Speaking seminar helps you prepare for upcoming technical presentations – whether it be at conferences, internal meetings or examinations – and communicate your concepts to any audience.

What you will get from this seminar:

  • Understand how an audience learns
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your field of expertise
  • Learn to create a story around your topic
  • Experience the power of analogies
  • Discover how to put theory into context
  • Learn to guide your audience’s attention and thoughts

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Pitch your way to success

You’ve got a revolutionary idea/product that you want to sell to your peers, customers or bosses? Then it’s time to convince them with a kick-ass pitch!

Being able to persuade an audience in only 10, 5 or even 1 minute has become an essential skill in any dynamic business environment. Whether you’re a startup looking to acquire funding, an innovator trying to introduce new procedures & products within your company or an organisation looking to attract new clients/sponsors – the key is a well-crafted pitch.

This Berlin Speaking seminar will teach you the necessary elements of effective pitches and how to present them for a maximum impact on your audience.

What you will get from this seminar:

  • Identify the needs of your audience
  • Understand the unique elements of a pitch
  • Find & implement a story that underlines the importance of your idea
  • Identify the right words to explain your idea
  • Discover unique angles for introducing your product
  • Receive insights into the Do’s and Don’ts of pitching to investors

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Tell engaging stories

Stories attract us, stories enchant us, stories move us. If you want to captivate, control and convince your audience, do it with a story!

The ability to tell enticing stories allows us to connect with friends, new acquaintances and customers. Whether we’re trying to inspire our audience or convince them to take action, the way we tell our stories largely determines our success.

This Berlin Speaking seminar takes you on an expedition into the art of storytelling and teaches you how to transform boring anecdotes into exciting adventures or create new stories from scratch!

What you will get from this seminar:

  • Understand the elements of a story
  • Find your own story
  • Discover how to make stories emotionally captivating
  • Understand how stories inspire
  • Learn how to make your story relevant to your audience
  • Learn when and how to use stories for optimal effect

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Speak with confidence

Your name is being called, a thunderous applause hits you as hundreds of eyes stare at you and then: silence. The stage is yours. Are you nervous? Do you want to run and hide somewhere far, far away?

Debilitating nervousness isn’t just painful for the speaker, it’s also lethal for the presentation!

Your audience will find it difficult to believe in your ideas, messages or calls to action, if they don’t feel that YOU believe in them – or in yourself. If you want to gain your audience’s trust, projecting confidence will be the key to your success.

Confidence, like any public speaking skill, can be trained and practiced.

This Berlin Speaking seminar will boost your confidence with a range of easily applied tricks and teach you how to impress your audience with the use of a few vital methods. No previous public speaking experience required.

What you will get from this seminar:

  • Understand how the audience perceives confidence
  • Learn how to boost your confidence before getting on stage
  • Learn the important elements of a confident body language!
  • Learn how to connect with the audience
  • Learn how to project confidence through your voice

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1-on-1 Training

Got a specific project you’re working on? In a one-on-one training, I will guide you on your path from writing to performing, individually tailoring the content to your needs.

High focus & high energy sessions will quickly prepare you for your gig by focussing on your personal goals, strengths and character.

As every speaker is unique in their style & step, one-on-one sessions provide you with an individual training that is not possible in seminars with larger groups.

The 1-on-1 training is available in German and English.

To book a session or enquire about training and prices, please get in touch.

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