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You’ve got a revolutionary idea that you want to sell to investors, customers or bosses?

Then it’s time to convince them with a kick-ass pitch!

Develop a compelling pitch
Create a convincing pitch-deck
Prepare to face investors
Win over your audience

I work with countless startups & entrepreneurs all around the world to accelerate their pitching abilities and secure crucial investments.

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Stories attract, stories enchant, stories move.

If you want to captivate, control and convince your audience, do it with a story!

Find your personal story
Master conflict & suspense
Captivate your audience’s emotions
Use storytelling to sell

As an award winning storyteller, I help you bring your personal experiences to life and share the moments that make you unique.

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Nervousness isn’t just painful for the speaker, it’s also lethal for the presentation!

If you want to gain your audience’s trust, projecting confidence will be the key to your success.

Quash your fear of speaking
Mentally prepare for the stage
Display confidence through body & voice
Stun your audience

The moment you are comfortable on stage is the moment your words are truly free.

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You’re scheduled to speak, but can’t figure out how to convey your message?

Berlin Speaking training will turn you into a keynote-ready presenter and prepare you for the big stage!

Craft your personalised presentation
Convey your message effectively
Master visual aids
Be remembered by your audience

I train speakers for a wide range of events, from specialised academic conferences to public TED stages and private functions.

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Berlin Speaking Trainings


You’ve got a team of motivated presenters who want to improve their public speaking abilities?

Berlin Speaking seminars offer an interactive and fun environment to explore various speaking topics, including storytelling, communicating complex topics and inspiring your audience to action.

Book a customized public speaking seminar now to accelerate the presentation culture in your organisation!

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Private Sessions

Got a specific presentation you’re working on?
Let’s boost it in private one-on-one sessions!

These high focus & high energy sessions will quickly prepare you for your next gig by focussing on your personal goals, strengths and character.

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Who is
Berlin Speaking?

Pascal Heymann, public speaking coach, mentor, keynote speaker and PR advisor based in Berlin

Hi, my name is Pascal Heymann. Until the age of 21, I avoided speaking in front of audience at any cost. Just the thought of being observed by a group of strangers sent the adrenaline pumping through my veins, tightening my breath and robbing me of the ability to talk. And when I did manage, no coherent thought left my mouth. It left me embarrassed, my audience disappointed and my ideas dead by the road.

I knew that if I ever wanted to leave an impact on the world, this had to change. And so I began my journey into the powerful world of public speaking.

Today, I am an internationally distinguished speaker, event moderator, and speaking trainer. Working in the heart of Europe’s start-up landscape, I empower CEOs, academics and aspiring speakers to confidently communicate their ideas, generate interest for innovative products and present with a WOW-factor!


Want to boost the presentation culture in your organisation, or improve your own speaking skills? Let’s get in contact and find out how I can help you!


  • Pascal hat mit viel Charme und Übersicht den Berliner Pub Talk zum Thema Nudging moderiert. Es ist ihm gelungen, die Expertinnen Dr. Jana Diels und Linda Teuteberg mit dem Publikum ins Gespräch zu bringen. … und was ist jetzt Nudging und wo sind die Fallstricke? Das ist deutlich geworden. Hier könnt Ihr es nachlesen.

  • Pascal prepared and delivered a 2-hour workshop on “Argue Like a Pro” as a guest speaker in our organization, the Spreeredner Toastmasters. His performance convinced me more than fully, because
    1) Pascal got to the facts right away and presented them in a stimulating yet unobtrusive manner,
    2) he used a self-produced video clip during the workshop that was a blast and
    3) everybody got to participate in the second half. We had other workshops involving debating before, but Pascal raised the bar conceivably and our speakers grew to the challenge.
    Obviously, Pascals meticulous preparation paid off.

  • Pascal developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop about debate techniques for the Berlin Spreeredner Toastmasters Club and our guests. What stands out about Pascal is that he is flexible and adapts his expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. His experiential approach reinforces learning and provided us with much to think about, skills to apply when back in our own workplace and strategies to ‘Argue Like a Pro’. Feedback was excellent from all participants. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Thank you Pascal!

  • Ana Carolina AlexAna Carolina AlexPresident of START Berlin

    I’ve had great pleasure organizing and participating pitch workshops with Pascal. His workshops are motivating, inspiring and fun. He helped the students a lot to develop a great story for their pitches and present them in a convincing, confident way. Thank you for your great work!