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The world is becoming more complex by the day – and so are the innovations & breakthroughs waiting to be communicated. The ability to communicate research, scientific theories and technical solutions to any audience is a vital skill in today’s information age.

Let’s say you’ve been working away in a lab for months and the breakthrough has finally arrived. You’re ready to present your findings to the world, but your audience doesn’t have the same qualifications or knowledge as you. So what now? Put it out there anyway and hope for the best?

Not likely. If you want your flower of a concept to find root in the wider world, you need to remove the complexity and build comprehension. How? It’s all about audience-appropriate communication.

With a strong passion for technology & academic background in science, we empower scientists, researchers and tech experts to present data effectively and craft informative presentations for any audience. We offer you the communication skills you need through hands-on sessions designed to provide you with an engaging and informative communication concept for your area of expertise. Whether you have a research proposal presentation coming up or you’re a tech guru looking to pitch a new digital service to investors, Berlin Speaking will teach you how to craft scientific presentations and make you a master communicator of complex concepts.

You’ll learn to communicate science and technology:

  • For conference presentations
  • During pitches to investors
  • In remote or face-to-face meetings
  • As part of corporate, technological, scientific or academic research presentations
  • For product and service demonstrations
  • During a podium discussion, lecture or speech


Berlin Speaking scientific presentation training teaches you how to:

  • Break complex topics down into easy-to-understand chunks
  • Present data effectively
  • Reduce a complex message to the essentials
  • Bring life to ‘boring’ fundamentals
  • Adjust the complexity of your knowledge to the audience’s level
  • Make scientific knowledge accessible to lay audiences
  • Generate interest for your research
  • Boost interest for your technology
  • Shift your audience’s reaction from “Huh?” to “AHA!”


Our focus is always on giving you the tools you need to communicate the content of your presentation effectively, not on developing the concepts themselves. You bring the content to work on and we take it from there. No matter how complex the topic, we will teach you to present it in a way that captivates your audience and enables them to understand your message – without ever having to dumb it down. We’ll look at word choices, sentence structure, pacing and practical examples, all with the aim of turning your diamond in the rough into a polished gem.


Training Formats

This training is designed for specialists working in science, technology or academia with strong knowledge of the topic at hand. It is also ideal for sales experts tasked with presenting a complex product or service during a conference, trade fair, pitch meeting or similar. In short, if you have a presentation where the tech or scientific content fizzles instead of sparkles, this training is for you.

For more information on the group seminar format, check out Group Seminars.

For more information on the 1-on-1 format, check out Individual Training/Coaching.

Turn complexity into clarity and get your message across to your audience in style with Berlin Speaking.

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