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Berlin Speaking Seminare

Why Group Seminars?

Public speaking skills play an integral role in a company’s culture. Effective communication within teams, with stakeholders and to business partners is essential in today’s business environment.

That’s why we believe in the impact of empowering the whole team in becoming better speakers, presenters and communicators.

Ideal for internal teams of up to 8 participants — but the smaller the better — our group seminars on public speaking are designed to maximise interaction and involvement in a lively setting, where each voice is as important as the next.

Focusing strongly on interaction and encouragement, we don’t rely on traditional frontal teaching methods. Instead, our public speaking training combines improvisational exercises, feedback rounds, and online elements to equip participants with everything they need to build confidence, become better speakers and deliver presentations in style.


Each seminar is designed according to your team’s communication goals. These can either be set by the team leads, or based on a survey that we provide for each individual participant. The contents of your group seminar can be based on the Berlin Speaking training topics:
Speaking with Confidence
Science & Tech Presentations
Executive Presentation Skills / Keynotes


Group seminar formats

Berlin Speaking group seminars are available as half-day, full-day, or custom continuous training.

Half-day: 4 hours (including breaks)

Full-day: 8 hours (including breaks)

Continuous: Speak to one of our trainers to design a continuous training program for your team.

No. of participants: up to 8 (larger groups possible depending on topic & goals)

Languages: English or German


The Berlin Speaking group seminars are for internal teams within companies, organisations, institutes and accelerator/incubation programs. We currently do not offer public workshops for individuals to join.
If you are looking for public speaking training for just yourself / outside of your team, please check out the Individual Training option.

What are you waiting for? Elevate your team’s communication skills in a fun and interactive environment and forever boost your company’s public speaking culture!


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